Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update from Cody

Many of us have been to amusement parks at least once. We all know the routine. You jump in the car early in the morning to get there right when the park opens. Getting closer to the park your excitement causes you to look intently for the bright colored thrill rides. Finally arriving, you jump out of the car and rush to the entrance of the park. Hearing the themed music playing, you wait impatiently for the gate to open. It's finally time! The gates swing open and you push and shove to get through the crowds as quickly as possible. Once in the park, you run to the biggest, most thrilling ride. You wait in line and observe the speed of the train. It goes this way and that way, back to the top, quickly down, through a loop, twists and turns, and then back into the boarding station. Suddenly you begin to have second thoughts and wonder if you should continue. Can I handle this ride? Fear begins to creep in. There is that one friend with you in line that always comforts and nudges you to continue on. The gates to the train then open. You're hesitant. Your friend, along with that inner adventure in you pushes you to climb aboard and take your seat. The lap bar locks! There is no going back. The train pulls forward and begins its assent. With the loud, "Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick..." in the background, fear explodes inside of you. You either begin to shake or have a quiet, pale look on your face. At the top, you take one good look around and then... the drop, twist and turn, then the loop, then the corkscrew, back to the top, down again, and then you are brought back into the station. The lap bar releases and with a smile on your face you jump out of the car. You feel in a way stupid that you feared the ride at first and now are filled to the brim with satisfaction.

I have been on many roller coasters in my life. I love them! I get a rush of energy and satisfaction. I know many of you that read my dad's blog have noticed that he relates his fight with cancer to a roller coaster. I thought I would add to that and give it a shot. Let me tell you this is one roller coaster that fear has truly crept in. But you know, the coolest thing I have had through this journey are friends who stand in line with me to comfort and help me through this. That friend is my family and all of you that read our blog. So for that, I would like to say THANK YOU! Your prayers and comforting words bring so much strength and simply put, comfort to our family.

This week has been very trying for my dad. However, he is a fighter! His cancer has become more aggressive than we had hoped. Dad tires easily and his appetite has decreased dramatically. I haven't expressed really how I feel about all this. It took me a while to get to this point but I look at this journey as a blessing. We must remember that God says he will never give us anything we can't handle and for Him to know that we can handle this is a big blessing to me. Of course I still have my good and bad times. We know you all have been so faithful in this, and we continue to ask you to pray for strength and comfort for our family. Thank you all again!

Cody for the Bishops


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Cody. You are a mighty fine writer.
Beth Ihms

The Foremans said...

This has certainly been an ‘E’ ticket roller coaster ride for you and your family. As with most rides this exciting, you want to keep riding, so we continue to pray for healing for your Dad. We’re also praying that as you are going so fast on the coaster that your stomach is in your throat, your breath is taken away and you can’t even scream, you will continue to hear the quiet voice of our Lord telling you to rest in Him. He will carry you. Thank you for sharing with us. It really means a lot.
The Foreman Family

Lisa said...

This has been a long anticipated posting. I miss your mom and seeing your dad pick her up from work. I am so thankful that God gave you the courage and words to beautifully describe your feelings during this season in your life. I am praying for you and I love you all. Cody, you are a brave strong young man of God. Keep the faith!
Lisa Morrison

Anonymous said...

Lord we love You and are thankful for every day we have with those that we love. I thank You for Cody who explained the journey so well. As You ride that roller coaster with him continue to encourage and protect him and his family. When the ride seems endless give them hope and strength. When the ride is scary and fear creeps in give them courage and fill them with joy, peace and laughter for a ride well rode.
In Jesus' Name Amen

Dawn said...

I have been reading your blog for some time and have been praying for your entire family. What you don't know is how many times what you have written has brought me to my knees in tears, ministering to me in my deepest pain and despair. I don't know how God does it but He uses all things for good, and I am grateful for you. You have been an amazing example of faith and trust; I continue to pray God keep His loving arms of comfort and peace around all of you. With Love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cody,

Bless your heart. You have also brought me to tears....God love you...I am just amazed at your family and the way you express God's love....I cannot wait to see what you have in store for this world.....your intelligence, faith and true compassion WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I heard about your future plans....and your parents must be so proud of you....

You are definitely a Bishop in every sense of the word....and one of God's most promising ministers....I just think you are an amazing young man.

My prayers are with you and your family...every moment of every day......and though you don't know me....know you are in my it breaks for you....I think the one thing....that really hit home for me the end of that are smiling and what a thrill....That is what your Dad will experience.....At the end of this ride Cody....what a thrill he has in store....with such excitement and full of smiles to see our Lord.

You are really gonna be something Cody....can't wait to see.

Sonya Hedge Indiana

Lori Greene said...

Thank you for blogging Cody - great job! Your ability to see the blessing in the midst of such a difficult trial shows me a tremendous amount of maturity in your faith in God. He has already used you to do great things for Him and I know that He has even greater things in store for you. I'm excited to watch what God does in and through you!

Anonymous said...


You are an amazing young man. What a wonderful job you did writing this blog! You continue to be a faithful example to your friends and fellow students. I know your mom and dad are proud of you. They've done a great job too! Our family continues to keep your family in our prayers each day!
Rosemary Boswell

Anonymous said...

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God." 2 Cor 1:3-4. Clearly you are being comforted, Cody and you are being equipped to comfort others. God be with you.
Katie Micilcavage

Anonymous said...

Thanks for allowing us to take this ride with you. God and I communicate on a whole new sweet level based on me watching your family glorify Him through this trial.

Anonymous said...

Cody --

"The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who has a wise son delights in him." Proverbs 23:24

How delighted is our God in His righteous Son, Christ, Who honored His Father in all things ... giving Himself that we too may be sons ... in whom He also delights! Keep persevering with your dad -- you undoubtedly bring him great joy!

Melissa C

Anonymous said...

My heart is so sad with you, Cody, and I have tears coursing down my cheeks as I sit here praying for you and your Dad, your Mom, Ashley and all the many others of us who are part of your family because of Jesus and who think your dad is just wonderful, too!

2Co 1:2 May grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be yours!
2Co 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort,
2Co 1:4 who comforts us in all our suffering, so that we may be able to comfort others in all their suffering, since we ourselves are being comforted by God.

I love all y'all!
Hollie Dodd (for the fam)

Anonymous said...

We are ready to ride this crazy roller coster with you and stay with you, holding your hand and encouraging you until the very end! Life is a rollercoster, and it is the scariest, most fun, breathtaking ride ever. It looks to me like you are going to be stuck with us, riding this rollercoster called life, for a very long long time. :)
We love you Cody.

Willy and Ashley Johnston

The Cooks said...

Cody, Ashley, Luke, Robyn, & Russ;
As many have already said, this blog has been a blessing. Your family has been a blessing - selfishly, Deb & I have traveled and met friends we would have never had without knowing you all. We have also seen God, in each of you, in your work, in your faith, and in this most recent roller coaster. Cody, rest assured that in Him we can handle it all. We love you guys and we continue to pray for you. By His Grace, Joe & Deb

Lori said...

Oh Bish! My other son! How we love and adore you!! You are such an amazing man!!

Beckie B. said...

Dearest Cody,

I haven't met you yet but you sound just as sweet as your dad. Thank you for your update... our family continues to pray for yours everday! And you're right, God MUST know how strong you all are because He WONT give you something you can't handle. Know that the Black family is standing behind you and encouraging you to stay on the ride! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for y'all.

- The Blacks -

Bob/Nancy said...

Bish...we think of you as another great grandson. We love you and your Mom and Dad. You and your family are so wonderful....and we feel so grateful to know you all. Love from Bob and Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hey Cody-
I'm praying for you and for your family. Your dad is a great guy and we've been friends a long time. We're here if there is anything we can do to help.

Matt Larsen

Anonymous said...

Cody -
You created a captivating word picture with your writings. How bold and courageous of you to share your heart. You have blessed many with this act including giving God the glory.

Psalm 50:15
I want you to trust me in your times of trouble and so I can rescue you and you can give me glory.

Keep trusting Cody. You, your dad, your mom and your sister are daily in my prayers and on my mind.

Mrs. Fletcher

Anonymous said...

Cody, My heart is breaking for you. My mom died just a year ago from cancer. This is a glorious, heartbreaking time. The 1 thing I would wish for you is that your dad would leave you a voice message on your phone that you can carry with you when you need to hear his voice. We love you and praying for you. The Brittain Family

Anna said...

Your family has been in our prayers and always will be. God has put this difficult time in your life for a reason. God has written a story for everyone’s life and he knows the ending of your dad’s story and however this story ends, it is also just beginning. He will be with God waiting for you and your family in heaven. God is in control and works everything for your good even when it is the hardest thing in the world that he puts into your life. Thank you for sharing your heart about everything with your dad. You have definitely encouraged many other people’s hearts including mine. You have such an amazing faith in God that other people notice. They see God in you and how he has used you in all of this. It is always encouraging to know that God will never leave us or forsake us. He will never leave you Cody.

Anna Field

Whitney said...

Cody you are truly a man of God. my heart is overwhelmed with pain, but also love for you and your family. you have faithfully been in my prayers everyday and reading your blog brings tears down my face. i truly praise God for making you the man you are today, and by His grace, He will continue to use everything in your life to mold you into the man He created you to be. He loves you and i love you very much. you really are ministering to everyone around you, even in the midst of your greatest pain and that just shows how strong you are grounded in Christ. thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. i pray daily that you feel God's around tightly surrounding you. you are such a huge blessing to everyone you know Cody. and what a comfort it is to know without a shadow of a doubt that you will soon be reunited again in Glory, face to face with our Lord and Savior. i am honored and privelaged to walk through this with you and be with you and i would love for you to let me carry any part of the load that i can. i love you so much. Rest on God. He will give you strength. Is. 41:10 "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for i am your God. i will strengthen you and help you; i will uphold you with my righteous right hand." the Lord is carrying you. He is right there. Lean on Him. i am here if ever you need me. We Love you all!

Whitney Williams

Whitney said...

you've done good, friend. your dad is so proud of who you are and who you're becomming. He is in the Arms of his Lord now, Praise Him! No more pain. i know my words are fully inadequate but i hope you know you are making him proud, living your life day to day, what a loving man you are. i pray that this truth eases the heartache. he loved you and you mom and you sister and is rejoicing in Heaven. i eagerly await the day where we can meet again, in Glory. your life is a great legacy of your dad's. you will be a great father and even though he was humble, he should take pride in the children he raised. you've done your parents proud. i love you and am always here...

Anonymous said...

Bishop Family,
You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. May God protect you and bless you over the next few weeks, months and years - as you mourn this great loss. May he give you the courage to keep living. Take solace in knowing that your father is no longer in pain and knew how much he was loved by all of you, the community, and God. Peace be with you during this time of sorrow and in the special moments in the future when you miss him most - remember he is there with you.

Warm Wishes,
Morain Daniels Family (Paul, Jeanne, Cody, and Bryce)

Anonymous said...

I don't know you or your family, but was directed to this site by a friend. When I read this blog, I thought it must have been written by a much older individual. Imagine my surprise when I realized you were the author. The words you wrote and the ability to share such powerful emotions make it obvious that you are a very mature and gifted young man. I am humbled by the strength you showed during such a hard time. You have a wonderful family, an amazing faith in God, and your dad must have been incredible. God bless you and your family; I will keep you all in my prayers.