Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Million Bucks

When we lived in Papua New Guinea our newsletter gave us the opportunity to share the mighty works of GOD in that country along with needed prayer requests. The newsletter was such a blessing to us. It was a way we felt connected and loved by all our friends and family while we were so far away. I shared with Russ the other morning that I feel like this blog is kinda like our newsletter. God has given us this wonderful opportunity to share HIS amazing grace and love for our family and on top of that our prayer requests. Truly our cup runneth over!

Monday, the 23rd was what we call the "scary day"! Russ was overcome with such pain, nausea, uncontrolable shakes, fever and a few other symptoms all within such a short period of time. Hospice got to our home in record time. Tammi, his Hospice nurse, was great. She was the calm within the storm. Russ was able to rest peacefully through the afternoon and into the early part of the evening. We truly see God's fingerprints all over this. He gave us the wisdom to sign up for Hospice the week prior...thank you Lord! ...and thank you for all your prayers.

Sometimes I think the word "hospice" paints a grim picture for many so I would like to share with you that hospice is truly looked upon as a blessing to us. Please know that Russ is very mobile and active. (Right now he is making Cody an egg mcmuffin) He does however, tire easily and is on pain meds 24/7. Hospice helps us by no more trips to doctor office's, hospitals or pharmacies. Tammi, the nurse comes once a week or more if we need her. She has helped with getting pain meds under control and monitors Russ's symptoms with the hopsice doctor.

After the episode on Monday I have told everyone that Russ is looking like a "million bucks." Thank you Lord for all these precious days you continue to share Russ with us!

We are enjoying all the visits, phone calls and oh so many added extras you are blessing us with.

God Bless you all so very much
Robyn for the Bishops


Anonymous said...

Robyn, I have to tell you that I am constantly checking your blogsite to see how Russ is doing. I can't begin to thank you enough for sharing your family with me. I love reading the comments too. We all want to lead a life of significance and by the comments left by your family and friends you and Russ and your family have impacted so many lives for Christ. What greater blessing than this but to live your life to the glory of the Lord! You are on my heart and in my prayers constantly! Love, Marcy C.

Mireille Helm said...

Thanks for the blog updates and translations too. Know that we are praying without ceasing for your family daily, including all of the students in our classrooms every morning at SGCS. This time is heavy on the hearts of so many students. I even saw some students praying in the hall at school with Cody the other day. God is so amazing.

Anonymous said...

love you.... so much sweet friends!

Beckie Black said...

PRAISE GOD for Mr. "Million Bucks"... that's GREAT to hear!

The bad days really suck but they sure make those good days that much better!

We love you, Bishop family, and continue to pray for you daily!


The Blacks

Anonymous said...

You are such an encouragement to me. Bless you.

--Jeff L.

Anonymous said...

Keith and I have been so touched by your blog. It has really made us realize that we need to treasure each other and our family everyday! I have shared your updates with my mom Betty Galley and she has been in prayer for all of you.
Please know that in sharing your journey, no matter how painful, it glorifys God in a way that nothing else could! The way is through it not around it and we can embrace the hands of the one who will carry us all the way!
In His Love
Robin & Keith Johnson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I continue to pray for all y'all.
We love you!!!
Hollie for the family

Dana Bowers said...

Dear Russ, Robyn, Cody & Ashley,

Just wanted to let you know we love you and are praying for you all. While it is hard to read of the trial you are all going through, my heart is also filled with praise to our Lord Jesus for the tremendous testimony you are being through all of this. Yes, God is truly using you to bring glory to Him. I am praying that God will continue to give you strength and grace for each day, that you might continue to bring glory to Him through whatever each day brings.
We Love You All.
Dana for the Bowers Clan

Cecilia said...

Your newsletter from PNG was always a pleasure to which we looked forward with great anticipation. All the way from the other side of the planet, you kept us up-to-date, as well as entertained by your personal stories and saddened by any of the locals' struggles. This blog is such an encouraging witness to us of your faith. Thank you. Love, Keith and Cecilia.